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Video slots have gained popularity in countries around the world – beautiful graphics and crisp sound, plenty of betting options, a variety of winning combinations, great bonus awards – all these points in favor of playing the slots. But progress goes forward even in the field of gambling, and companies are trying to continue to develop in this respect and offer gamers all the new and new opportunities. That’s just for such innovations and include i-slots (the letter i stands for “interactive”). Such slots represent a new stage in the development of slot machines, offering players a lot of opportunities and great fun with the game process. It is not necessary to say that i-slots are something fundamentally new, but the cool video screensavers that are offered before the game stages sometimes add extra points.

There is need to know about the essentials of the Dominoqq online platform for the playing of the games. As a result, the availability of more points and bonuses is possible for the gamblers. You need to collect the points while playing on the platform to have the best experience. 

To date, online casinos have, basically, two types of i-slots. Their basis is the usual video slots, which have standard features – “wild”, “scattered”, bonus symbols. The first type of slot differs from regular slots with its bonus game. Most often, the bonus game in the video slot is to guess the winning “containers”, resulting in a set of points until the player stumbles upon a loss. If you play in interactive slots, then the win depends not only on the case, but also on the player’s skills. For example, the game «Hole in Won» is a golf game in which you need to win to set the direction and force of impact and get the ball into the hole in the smaller number of blows, without touching obstacles. Winning is exactly dependent on the number of strokes6 than there are less, so the winnings are greater. Or, for example, another game where a player flies in space and knocks asteroids, and each missed asteroid reduces the player’s winnings. These are certainly not very complex games, but much more interesting than guessing what lies in the boxes.

The next kind of i-slots is a certain story. Consider this in the example of the game “Bank Heist”. In the first round, which is called the “Plan” in order to complete a regular video slot, you need to collect three symbols “machine”, which are scattered round, but only then will the bonus game. In the bonus game there are two variants of the outcome – the player finds the key and goes to the bank, or the alarm goes off and the player needs to run. As a result, the names of the second round are different depending on the outcome of the bonus game: “In the bank” or “Escape”. In these rounds, you also need to play video slots with a variety of symbols, and the payout table is different there. In this situation, the symbols are already of two kinds: either the safe symbol to be opened, or the symbol of the policeman, from which it is necessary to escape. If the player has managed to overcome all obstacles, then again he can play a bonus Irg and go to the third level under the name “Dynamite”, in which there is also another type of slot. If the game can pass (run away with money or get into the clutches of police officers), but the game starts anew from the first stage, and the player gets free backs.

Playing interactive slots is much more interesting. One game will give the player such emotions that he would be able to get by playing several games at once in anticipation of what the next stage of the game will be and how it will end. And one more plus i-slots – some of them give a good winning percentage.

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