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Poker forums are a great way to exchange strategies and talk about your poker play at sites like Bodog or Titan Poker. You can also often get Poker Stars Bonus Code information and sometimes a Full Tilt Poker Referral code which will give your bankroll a boost when you join and deposit. Picking Poker Sites

With so many different poker rooms to choose from these days, how on earth does a new poker player pick the right poker site for them when they decide they want to play? Although this seems like an easy decision, there are a number of factors that players should consider when they choose a poker site to make sure that they end up playing at a quality room that they will enjoy. Some of the most important factors in choosing a poker room include new player bonus, traffic, poker games offered, tournaments, promotions and customer support.

*New Player Bonus: *

The new player bonus is an incentive that sites offer in exchange for opening a new account and depositing. The bonuses range from free tournament entries to cash matching bonuses, and should be research before hand in conjunction with the other factors in order to pick out the most valuable deals.

*Traffic Levels: *

Another vital aspect of any poker site is traffic levels. Low traffic means little poker game variety, which can quickly lead to a boring and usually empty site. Avoid rooms that have small player bases to ensure that there is always a game running when you log on.

*Poker Games: *

Something that may be important to you is poker games at the site. While most people choose to play popular

*Tournaments & Promotions: *

If you’re a tournament player or have always dreamed of playing at a live event such as the WPT or WSOP, you need to pick one of the

*Customer Support: *

Lastly, one of the more obvious factors that are often overlooked is customer support, which is an absolutely vital component of a great poker room. Good player service can have a huge impact on you as a player if a situation is ever to arise. By reading detailed reviews of the poker rooms, you should be able to get a sense which ones value their customers and which ones put customer service on the backburner. The obvious choice…the ones that care about their players and make sure they take care of them.

Using these simple outlines should really help you in finding one of the many reputable poker site that you will enjoy and have a good experience at. If you are ever doubtful of a site, make sure to compare a few information sources on it before signing up so you will be well educated and knowledgeable before you play.

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