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Texas Holdem, is considered by many as the most popular form of poker. The game, if played well, requires calculations and gaming strategies that makes the game less about gambling and more about statistics and odds.

How to play Texas Holdem:

The basic principle of Texas Holdem is that the players use the same communal cards for completing a hand. It goes like this:

Each player is given 2 cards that are facing down. A first round of betting starts. After this round of bets is finished 3 cards are placed in the middle and these are called – ‘community cards’. This stage is called ‘The flop’. At this point a round of bets is started. After this round of bets is finished a fourth card is placed next to the first 3 also facing up. Another round of bets starts. After this round of bets the fifth and last card in placed also facing up. At this point the players need to decide about their odds of getting a good hand with the open cards and the card they have which they haven’t seen yet. A final round of bets starts and in the end each player opens their personal 2 cards and can combine the 2 cards with any 3 cards out of the 5 communal cards.

After reading these instructions it may be a little clearer to understand why calculations and odds play a big part in this game. There’s a special calculation table that can give a player the exact percentage of his or her chances of winning this poker hand or loosing it.

The professional and experienced poker players do these calculations in their head. The beginner Texas Holdem players use Texas Holem calculation tables or Texas Holdem Calculators in which you can enter variables and get an answer in a matter of seconds.

The more you play Texas Holdem the more you find that these calculations are not as hard as they may first appear. The sentence ‘Practice makes perfect’ really applies to learning how to play Texas Holdem.

As a beginner in Hold’em poker you should probably try playing first in the free Texas Holdem games. Practice some rounds, experiment with some odds and only when you feel confidant transfer to the real money Texas Holdem game. All of the online casinos offer a Texas Holdem download directly from their site so starting off will probably be easy for you. You can find all these rules and the terminology explained in a friendly way through trial videos and demo sessions. Choose the best site among Judi online for Hold’em, which provides an easy layout and best navigation to flip the cards or use the calculator. 

USA residents are only allowed to use the free Texas Holdem games for practice since at this time online gambling, including online poker for real money is illegal in the USA. Thus, getting to a legitimate and certified platform solves your issue of getting suspected of illegal gambling. 

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