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One of the most popular games today is certainly online casino video poker. It is the game, where a player may easily not only tempt the fate, but also apply the skills and knowledge he has. Perhaps it is the reason why video poker is so popular and why gambling sites make even a special section for this game.

When you play on the online Slot Deposit Pulsa for extra time, then there is the availability of more winning chances to the players. It results in an increase in the cash balance in the bank account as per the requirement. There is a need to know about it if you are playing slot games on the internet.

Video poker was invented in the 19th century at the same time with video slots, but it gained the popularity a bit later. In fact this game became widely spread in casinos only in 1970s. Video poker is based on five card poker game, which is familiar to mane people in the world. The rules are pretty simple and the combinations are quite common. In combination with pretty high odds, video poker enjoys huge popularity.

However, if a player enters an online gambling site for the first time, he may be surprised by the variety of video poker variants. Their number is really big, and it may even reach 70. For example, in Platinum Casino from Microgaming a player has a choice from 23 variants and in RTG online casino – from 14. Certainly, it is necessary to know at least about basic video poker variations and the difference between them.

The classic variant of video is Jacks or Better. It is the easiest game to play with standard rules. It is played with a traditional suit of 52 cards and the odds depends on an online casino. In this case poker combinations begin with Jacks which is the lowest possible pair and go higher. Moreover, a gambler may play a single hand and multi hand video poker with the number of hands up to 100.

Another variant is Joker Poker. In this case the game is played with a suit of 53 cards, where one card is a joker. Joker may stand for another card in different poker combinations from Royal Flush to Straight. Moreover, the introduction of Joker leads to the invention of new poker combinations, For example, there is a combination of Four of a Kind, but with joker Five of a Kind was added where a joker occupies the fifth position. However, the highest pair there is the Kings. There is also a difference between traditional Royal Flush and Royal Flush with joker. The difference is in a payout, which depends on an online casino site.

The third widely common variant of video poker in online casinos is Deuces Wild. In this case deuce acts like a wild card and may substitute any other card to make a winning combination. The principle is similar to joker, but in this case you have four deuces instead of one joker. Certainly, it increases the probability of winning combinations, and that’s why gambling sites had to change the rules to keep a balance of the odds. That’s why the lowest possible combination is Three of a Kind. Deuces Wild may be also played with a single and multiple hands.

There is also double Aces and Faces video poker. The only difference in this is case is in Four of a Kind combination. If it consists of Four Aces, then the payout is much bigger. The same is when it consists of four face cards. Some online casinos go even further and introduces double double Aces and Faces. In this case when there is a combination Four of a Kind which consists of four aces, the fifth card becomes also important. If it is a face one, then the payput will be bigger.

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