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Let’s start with some intriguing facts about the origin and development of this thrilling gambling game. Though if you are not interested, you can proceed straight to roulette rules, roulette tips and roulette strategy.

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If you look up in the dictionary, you’ll find out that the word “roulette” is of French origin and it stands for “small wheel”. The interesting fact is that this wheel was invented absolutely by chance by Blaise Pascal when he wanted to discover perpetual motion in 1655. Later on, in the 19th century the game was developed a little bit and introduced to the public. That was probably how the first casinos appeared.

Moreover, the most exciting thing about this gambling game is that if you sum up all the numbers pictured on the roulette wheel, you’ll come up with 666, a very mystic figure that is believed to be the Satan’s number! However, it doesn’t affect a great popularity of roulette among gamblers all over the world!

In the course of its establishment as a worldwide casino game many modifications of roulette appeared. 2 most popular of them are American and European roulette. Their names reflect the locations where they came from.

As for European roulette, it turns out to be the choice of thousands and thousands of casino players around the world. Why? Because, unlike American roulette it has only one zero pocket and, as a result, it offers really great odds to everyone, who plays it. Obviously, roulette rules of this game variation are much more beneficial for the gamblers.

Speaking about American roulette, it has double zero pocket that significantly decreases your roulette odds for winning. Chasing profits some casinos have even introduced pocket with American Eagle that represents 000. That’s why you should pay close attention the roulette rules of this or that variation before spending your money or testing your luck. In other words, the most reasonable roulette strategy is to avoid playing American roulette at any costs.

This gambling game wasn’t always positively accepted by the authorities. Many times it was prohibited just like in Germany in 1843. But there were always gambling citadels like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, where every fun of this casino game could feel like a fish in the water. Even now, if you want to fully enjoy all the charm and outstanding breathtaking atmosphere of a land-based casino Monte Carlo and Las Vegas are the must!

Nowadays, due to cool technologies, you have a superb chance to choose a place where to try your own roulette strategy. You can gamble either at a land-based casino or play online roulette even without leaving your home! It goes without saying that the letter way is very convenient, but is it 100% safe? It really depends on the online casino you select. So, be smart and careful with your choice!

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